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Comply Electrical - Why you need a compliance certificate

Why do I need a compliance certificate if I am selling a house ?

  • It is the Law to protect the buyer

  • Even if you sell your house voetstoets, you will still need a compliance certificate

  • If you do not have the certificate, the transfer process can be held up

Why was this not required when I bought a house ?

What do you check ?

  • We do the following checks and should there be any problems, we are qualified to correct
      them according to regulations. Once regulations have been met we will issue your certificate

  • Determine earth status
         In the past metal pipes were used to earth. Today however plastic pipes are
         used and our instrumentation will determine your earth status.

  • Check main distribution board
         That the size of the wire is rated to the correct size of the circuit breaker.
         Every size cable has a specific amperage rating that needs to be matched to
         the circuit breaker.

  • Check the earth leakage
         Does it trip when required.

  • Check all plugs, switches and light fittings
         To ensure the polarity earthing is correct.
         Incorrect polarity has been known to be fatal - deaths have been recorded.

  • Check cabling
         That all joins and connections are correct have safe insulation.